The Couch Gymnast 2011 Awards

Copyright: Brigid McCarthy

Brigid McCarthy announced the winners of TCG 2011 Awards, “where readers gave their nominations and votes in many different categories on the best of the year in gymnastics”. Part One, Part Two and Part Three.

The awards: Comeback of the Year, Personality of the Year and Older Gymnast of the Year went to Cătălina Ponor!!!

Congratulations Cătă!!!

Here is what the people said:

Only Cata Ponor could only have 6 months to regain her skills and hit. And she’s been gone for 4 years! No training, no nothin’. Yet she hit.She deserved a medal in beam EF. D@#% CODE.

Ahh 2004-esque artistry, welcome home.

In many ways Ponor looks as good or better than she did in 2004!

After 4 years and only 6 months of training, the girl achieved the impossible. Catalina is a prime example to many athletes around the sport in any sport.

WOW. She returned with higher difficulty. You have to have courage for that.

She’s came back above all odds to help the team and is even attempting to regain her weakest apparatus and make it better for the sake of the team score

Check all the awards and more on The Couch Gymnast!


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