Cătălina Ponor: “I don’t want more, I want better”

TCG writer Bea Gheorghisor spoke to Catalina Ponor after her gold medal-winning performance on beam this weekend.  They spoke about Cata’s comeback, her back issues and about seeing how the judges assess her routines going into the Olympics.

…on whether she was happy with what she achieved in Ghent:

“No. Well for me this was more like a friendly meet. Nonetheless I am not satisfied…”

(me, shocked) What more do you want to achieve?

I don’t want more, I want better…Well some people in the audience told me that they saw the routine from finals better than in qualifications…

… on what she believed were the deductions she got for her routines in Ghent:

“Well, there are things, a bent leg here, un-pointed feet there, 0.1 on the landing and so on…” But she said she would be curious to know  what they found to deduct in the finals. She said that besides the 0.3 on the back salto and the deduction on the landing, 0.1, there was not much more she would have deducted…

Read the entire article on TCG.


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